Happy Holidays and the Benefits of Taking Imperfect Action

happy holidays

Hey There! I hope you’re having an awesome holiday season filled with peace, love, and joy. I’m in Pennsylvania visiting my two sons, who are the absolute most wonderful gift I could ever dream of.

I like to take this time of year to take an inventory of what I accomplished, where I fell short, and what I need to do during the upcoming year to achieve my goals and continue to grow and progress. For me, this year was full of ups and downs.

I was completely burnt out from my corporate job around mid-January and had to take some time off to relax and gain my sanity back. I realized I was working far too hard for a cause I wasn’t passionate about. Even though the pay was quite good, I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing. There was no sense of purpose and I felt completely stuck.

This realization inspired me to delve into the world of personal development. I read/listened to┬áseveral of Brian Tracy’s courses. I also read Eckharte Tolle’s book The Power of Now and A New Earth. Both authors┬ádeliver a very similar over arching message: live in the present, don’t dwell in the past or project into the future.

Our happiness in life has little to do with our material surroundings, but instead our perceptions. We have the choice to view life with a positive spin or a negative spin. With a positive attitude comes happiness, peace, gratitude, and a natural flow to life where everything for the most part falls into place. A negative attitude results in everything in life being a chore, where everything feels unnatural and has a heaviness to it. At least this is my experience from fluctuating between the two extremes over the course of the year. I began in an extremely negative place, and was blessed to dig out of the dark hole and eventually into a place of positivity and joy.

I was inspired to launch my digital marketing company as well as this blog. In the past, I always thought I had to perfectly master something before actively pursuing it. However, I decided to take imperfect action and just do the best I could with what I knew at the time. And things have worked out exceptionally well. I still have a ways to go before achieving my goals. But I’m well on my way.

For anyone that feels stuck or is looking to make a change, I would develop a game plan and go for it. You don’t have to know everything about your niche. You’ll learn what you need to know as you pursue your passion. In my last blog post, I talked about the benefits of blogging. In my opinion, there is no better way to build your brand than by blogging. No matter what your niche, blogging is the best way to generate leads and income while positioning yourself as an expert.

So if you don’t have a blog, I’d like to help you to start your year off the right way by setting you up with a custom WordPress blog for free. Just shoot me an email at davidsmethie@gmail.com, tell me a bit about your business, and I’ll set you up with a custom blog so you can start the year the right way by pursuing your passion and further building your business or getting up and running if you’re still waiting to get going.

Have a blessed Holiday season and let’s take some serious action this year and make it the best yet!

David Smethie

Photo Credit: Melissa Brawner

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